Definition-Concrete is a mixture of cement,sand(Fine Aggregates),pebbles or crushed rock(coarse aggregates) and water, which when placed in the skeleton of forms and allowed to cure, becomes hard like stone.

Properties of Cement Concrete.
  1. It has a high compressive strength.
  2. It is free from corrosion and there is no applicable effect of atmospheric agents on it.
  3. It hardens with its age and process of hardening goes for a long time after concrete has obtained its sufficient strength.
  4. It is more economical than steel.
  5. It binds with steel rapidly and creates a very good bond. As concrete is weak in tension the steel reinforcement placed in concrete takes up the tensile strength. This is termed as RCC.
  6. Under the following conditions is has a tendency to shrink.
              i) There is initial shrinkage limit of concrete which is mainly due to loss of water through forms and water absorption by surface of forms
              ii) The shrinkage of cement concrete occurs in hardness.
     7.   Concrete forms a hard surface Capable of resisting abrasion.
     8.   Its final strength and quality mainly depends on handling and local conditions.

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