By the term Hybrid we mean an offspring of parents belonging to different characteristic groups of the same genetic group. Plant and animal breeders have developed special techniques for producing hybrids artificially in laboratories, zoos, and farms.
Hybrid Crops Hybrid Crops
Hybrids generally tend to be sterile. Even if they can produce, the first generation offspring may resemble their parents but next generation may not. The second generation usually shows different combination of the characteristics of the original crossbred parents.
Growing of a crop with hybrid seeds is called hybrid cropping. The hybrid seeds may unite the desirable traits of both parents. For example, a gardener may crossbreed an ornamental large flower with a sweet-smelling variety to produce a hybrid variety of large aromatic flowers.
The hybrid seeds have what is called hybrid vigour i.e., they generally tend to be large, faster-growing and healthier than their parent. This fact has been exploited commercially in the cultivation of corn (maize), potatoes, cotton, and several varieties of flowers. However, the hybrid seeds are very costly and, therefore, cannot be adopted on a mass scale in the country. Hybrid seeds, however, appear more promising for glasshouse cultivation of plants.

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